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Hi there, I’m Kirstyn otherwise known as a summer-time-loving, sunshine seeking girl who never really stopped believing in fairytales. I was born in Virginia Beach where the majority of my time was spent riding horses and spending as much time as humanly possible at the beach. I have a weakness for iced lattes and Anthropologie candles. While it is such a huge part of my life, I’m much more than a wedding photographer. I’m also a wife to the love of my life and a mom to a little boy we call Hudson Hawk. 


a girl who never stopped believing in

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Andrew is my best friend and honestly the strongest, best person I know. We met in 2009 at a Halloween party, were married on September 8, 2013, and welcomed our first born on August 31, 2016. There is no one that can truly make me smile, laugh, and feel completely safe, protected and taken care of the way he can. He doesn’t like having his picture taken, like most guys…but he humors me because I’m his princess ;) Through and through he proves to be the strongest person I know, my soulmate and the most amazing father. 

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Tank is our 1 year old German Shepherd and he is the sweetest boy you will ever meet. Don’t let his size fool you, he’s a giant teddy bear and will fully expect cuddles at first meeting. Make sure you tell him how handsome he is…or he may drool on you until you do.

hudson hawk

My little prince, also known as Hudson Hawk, came along on August 31, 2016. He has the sweetest smile, cheeks for days, and the dreamiest blue eyes that I could stare at forever.


Abbey is my six year old German Shepherd and truly the first baby. She’s petite and sassy (not sure where she gets that from ;) ) and she is the only other girl in the house…we stick together in our home full of boys. 

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